Changes coming for Delaware Nation Post-Secondary Students!!

As of April 1, 2013, the Delaware Nation is taking responsibility for post-secondary funding. This decision will allow the Delaware Nation to fund more students and better service and track the success rate of our Nation's students. Brent Stonefish has been hired as the Post-Secondary Coordinator and is working on developing this new program. 

In the interim, we will continue to use the Southern First Nations Secretariat's policies to continue to help those students attending intersession (summer session) and those applying for funding for Fall 2013 start dates. 

Moving forward, we need all current and continuing students to contact Brent Stonefish at the Delaware Nation Education Department Office to sign two (2) information release forms.

1. One for the SFNS

2. One for your current post-secondary school

In the coming weeks, look for more information here on the Delaware Nation website, as well as in the Delaware Newsletter, on Facebook and via email.

Brent Stonefish can be reached at:

519-692-5551 (Monday thru Thursday)

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