Lenape Justice Project

Mission Statement
“Working together with our community partners to promote cultural alternatives with Restorative Justice practices for the betterment of our communities”

The Lenape Justice Project is a culturally appropriate alternative justice program which is administered jointly by the Delaware Nation and the Crown Attorney’s Office of Chatham-Kent.

The Lenape Justice Project has been a functioning force in the Delaware Nation for more than two years. Our overall goal is to restore and repair the relationships between offender, victim and community. It does this through the diversion of non-violent offenders from the criminal justice system to a more traditional and holistic approach with active community involvement. It searches for solutions that encourage offenders to taking responsibility for their actions, and make amends with their victims and communities.

The justice project is a result of a partnership between the Delaware Nation, the Chatham-Kent Crown Attorney’s Office, as well as the Chatham-Kent OPP, Chatham-Kent Police Service and the Moravian Police Service. The partnership is a symbol of how the Lenape Justice Project is trying to bring communities together.  The Delaware Nation also hopes the justice project will ultimately result in safer communities for all.

Lenape Community Safety Board

The Lenape Community Safety board is made up of community representatives who are mandated to work with the community, the Moravian Police Service and Delaware Nation leadership to make Moraviantown safer for everyone. The board will implement a comprehensive Safety Policy developed for the Delaware Nation community. They are also tasked with the responsibility of monitoring and coordinating the development of the Moravian Policing Service Operations.

For more information about the Lenape Justice Project and/or the Lenape Community Safety Board, contact the Delaware Nation Administration Office.