The Delaware Nation Early Learning Centre (previously known as the Moravian Day Care and Delaware Nation Head Start) has been in operation since 1975. It is an approved child care facility which holds 6 infant spaces (6 months to 18 months), 10 toddler spaces (18 months to 2 1/2) and 16 preschool spaces (2 1/2 to 5 years of age).

The goal of the Delaware Nation Early Learning Centre is to provide high quality, culturally-based, education programs where children learn through play. We are dedicated to creating nurturing, inviting and stimulating programs that will allow each child to develop to his or her fullest potential and at his or her own pace.

Our program is set on a foundation of culturally based philosophies that enrich the learning experience through a structured curriculum. Professional childcare workers deliver a fun and active learning experience that promotes and develops a process of life long learning for all ages.

We strive to create bright and inviting classrooms that will nurture a confident, positive self-identity for each child; where all children, regardless of ability, have opportunities to learn, create & explore in a loving, safe, and challenging environment; to bring discovery into their lives each day they are here.

The Early Learning Centre also provides:

  • Before and After-School Program for Kindergarten students
  • Highlights of Yearly Events
  • Earth Day and Garden Education
  • Walk/Bike-a-thon Fundraiser
  • Fall Celebration – Ska-Nah-Doht Village Trip (Thanksgiving)
  • Swimming and Skating
  • Gymnastics
  • Bowling
  • Veteran’s Day Celebration
  • Wulateexteew
  • Apple and Pumpkin Picking
  • World Vision Sponsorship and Fundraiser
  • Christmas Dinner and Celebration
  • Farm Trip
  • Egg Hatching
  • Rain Stick Workshop
  • Field Trip to Greenview Averies
  • Movie theatre in Chatham
  • National Language Day

“The early learning years are considered the most influential time in a child’s life for emotional, social, cognitive and spiritual development.”

Delaware Nation Early Learning Centre
14762 School House Line
RR#3 Thamesville ON N0P 2K0
Infant Toddler Office: 519-692-3623
Fax: 519-692-4329
Preschool/Family Room Office: 519-692-3525
Fax: 519-692-4898
Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm.