Delaware Nation’s Chief and Council

The Chief and Council for the Delaware Nation are elected officials who serve a 2 year term. Chief and Council are directly accountable to the Delaware Nation membership for the success of the Nation’s business and community affairs. Members of Council are responsible for carrying out the community’s mission and vision.

The role of the Chief and Council is to:

  • Ensure leadership impacts positively on the future of the Delaware Nation and in so doing, ensures the future of the Delaware Nation;
  • Promote and protect community values, Lunaapeew culture and language;
  • Preserve and protect lands, natural resources and community assets;
  • Accomplish what it should, and as identified through community dialogue and assessment of community needs.

Current leadership


  • Justin Logan


  • Kyle Hopkins
  • Lesley Snake
  • Aliyah Whiteye
  • Kyla Stonefish
  • Jody Noah
  • Megan Logan
  • Sherry Huff


Delaware Nation elections are are held every two years, and are governed by the Nation’s own Band Custom Election Law. The next Delaware Nation Election will take place in June, 2025.

You can send an email to one of our Councillors by using our contact page on this site, or you can leave a message with the reception at the Administration Office.

You may also download a copy of the Election Code in pdf format by clicking on the link.