Chiefs Update – January 2018

Kwinganowelloamwah, Eelŭnaapéewi Lahkéewiit (Delaware Nation) Citizens

Anushiik for supporting me in serving this two-year term (2017 – 2019) as your acclaimed Chief.  While being no stranger to the political and administrative realm, the last 29 years has provided the opportunity to serve in the following capacities:  as former member of the Delaware Nation Council, representative of many different First Nations organizations’ Board of Directors; both the Deputy Grand Chief and Grand Chief for the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians; a former Delaware Nation Director of Operations; former Chair of the Chiefs of Ontario’s Social Services Portfolio; former Chair of the Chiefs of Ontario’s Ontario First Nations Women’s Caucus; and today, the current Chair of the Assembly of First Nations’ Council of Women.  These opportunities have provided a wealth of skills and knowledge that will be relied upon as being the first female Kihkay (Chief) of the Lenape people at Moraviantown.


The Eelŭnaapéewi Lahkéewiit Council continues to build upon the foundation that our ancestors have put in place through their contributions and sacrifice.  And in doing so, Council continues to exercise the Nation’s inherent right of self-determination, they will also continue to govern in an accountable manner that is built upon consistency, fairness, and equality to its citizens and approved residents; and also, ensures the future of the Eelŭnaapéewi Lahkéewiit (Delaware Nation).

Eelŭnaapéewi Lahkéewiit Community Vision Statement

“Our Vision is a community where people can depend on each other, are respectful and has the courage to shape our own future”

Eelŭnaapéewi Lahkéewiit Mission Statement

“The Lunaapeew at Moraviantown are responsible for preserving, promoting, enhancing and protecting our people, culture, beliefs and land through leadership, advice and participation in all aspects pertaining to the Community.”

2017 Strategic Plan

  • The building of a healthy community where people are free to express themselves that are able to maintain healthy minds, bodies and spirits.
  • The building of accurate two-way information that informs and enhances the capability to understand and to participate in decision making process for our people.
  • The preservation, promotion & enhancement of our Lenape Language as the foundation of our identity and culture.
  • The demarcation of our Nation boundaries & all proceeds to ensure we have control of our lands and water.
  • The creating of an economic environment where our community will be economically self-sustaining, providing job skills & quality of life.
  • Family Restoration
  • The assessment of our commitment & time to external First Nations boards and agencies
  • The imposition of external legislation and policies by Canada and its Provinces and United States on the inherent rights of our Nation
  • Development of community governance where the voice of all people is heard and share the decision-making with respect to the future of the community